Double Edged Star Tutorial

I'm crawling out from underneath a (blogging) rock to bring you guys this tutorial today :) double edged star block

I use a lot of "chevron" shapes in my work, and I usually paper piece them - but you can make them without paper piecing, as well! I added some into one of my favorite star blocks - an Ohio Star - to create this version today. {I also call this shape a "flying kite", and I have a paper piecing pattern with this shape here.}

Enjoy! And I'll be back soon with regular ole' bloggy things :P

Cutting List

- (2) white 5.25" squares

- (2) wine red 5.25" squares

- (5) wine red 4.5" squares

- (8) navy 1.5" x 5" rectangles

Flying Kite Corners

step 1

step 1a

- Measure 3" from the right hand corner of a 4.5" wine red square. Mark. Measure and mark 1" down from the right hand corner. Draw a line connecting the two marks, and cut along line.

- Place a navy 1.5" x 5" piece along the wine red square as shown. Pin. Sew & press open.

- Repeat to create four total.


- Draw a diagonal line across one of the white squares.

- Place on top of a 5.25" wine red square. Pin.

- Sew 1/4" away from the diagonal line on each side.

- Cut along marked line. Press toward the darker fabric. (At this point, you'll have two HST units.)

- Place the two HST units right sides together, as shown. Pin.

- Draw a diagonal line across the wrong side of one HST unit. Sew 1/4" away from the diagonal line on each side.

- Cut along marked line. Press open. (At this point, you'll have two QST units).

- Repeat to create a total of four QST units.

step 2

Block Assembly

- Sew together into rows, as shown. Press away from the QST units.

- Sew rows together. Press open.


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