Broken Dash - Top Finished & Pattern Bundle!

Hey guys! I ended up finishing the quilt top this weekend, and I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. [vls_gf_album id="6377"]

I'm 90% happy with it. There are some backgrounds that are more white, and some that are more cream. I'm crossing my fingers that they will flow together more seamlessly once the quilt is washed, dried, and crinkly. To be realistic, though, maybe I just need to chill out a bit ;)


I did notice one block was messed up - with only one seam left to go in the quilt top! So I just left it in. Funny how that doesn't bother me, but the white/cream does? Ah well, we all have our quirks!!


And lastly, I'm excited to announce that this pattern is now available as part of a pattern bundle. Here's a preview of everything in there: SALE CLOSED, THANK YOU!


AND here's more photos of my Broken Dash quilt, because photos of quilts = everything <3

[vls_gf_album id="6362"]