Kicks & Geese

Hey gang! If you follow me on Instagram (@13spools), you'll have seen some of my progress on the Kicks quilt.

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This pattern was designed by the one and only Latifah Saafir, and you can buy the pattern here. It's a paper pieced project, but if you aren't familiar with that technique, she provides ample instruction within the pattern.

I plan on putting this in my boys' playroom (photos here), so I dug through my stash to find an acid lime green fabric I've been hoarding for awhile now. I could have sworn it was a Kona cotton, and tagged allllll of my IG posts accordingly, but......looks like it is actually Michael Miller cotton couture in Lime.


Ah well. Now we know! It coordinates nicely with the "P" :)

I've been working on the background for awhile now. I wanted to work completely from my stash, so I decided to limit the kicks to 4 blocks (it takes up a decent amount of background fabric!) and am going to create a bunch of flying geese for the background.

[vls_gf_album id="6498"] I tried to go scrappy....guys I really did try! But of course that wasn't going to happen with my extreme type-A self, so I'm creating an ombre from top to bottom, moving from light to dark. Here's my IG post on my efforts towards this end:

"When I decided I wanted to do flying geese as the background for my #kicksquilt by #latifahsaafirstudios, I figured out I would need 12 rows, each with 24 geese. So I laid out fabric meticulously (aka, the only way I like to!): 6 fabrics per row, 4 pieces of each fabric. A few fabrics appear in more than one row. Laying it out ahead of time ensured a lovely #ombre effect.

Then I take one row's worth of fabric over to my #sewing table and piece up the four sections if that row. Wash, rinse, repeat, try not to die.

I know there are some other Type A #quilters out there who relate to this!"

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So I'm chugging along on these 288 flying geese. Slowly.

But it's gonna be worth it!!


OngoingAmy Garro