Galaxy Stars

Hey gang!

It’s been awhile, and I’m over here in my location on Squarespace - so check out the rest of the new site! It looks super pretty, and I am thrilled with how Squarespace is working for me. I’d been using Wordpress for years, and felt like I really knew it well, but I could still never quite get the clean and snappy look I wanted over there. So, here we are! I still haven’t changed all of my links yet, so some of them aren’t working - but those will all be reworked shortly.


Ok, onto the real news - I’ve finally launched the complete collection of Galaxy Stars! I started sewing (and talking about!) these stars years ago, and now I’ve finally completed them!

Why did it take so long? Was it because the stars are super hard to sew? No, not really. Some of them take several hours to complete, but they are not difficult per se. However, I put a TON of work into the pattern, and that is the real reason it was taking me forever. It has directions for 3 quilt tops (2 of them are mostly the same, but with an added pretty border), 13 star blocks, and is crazy long. I’ve put EVERYTHING in there you could possibly need! Each star block is photographed individually and also has 6 illustrated mockups in different colorways. There are full cutting directions for every part of this quilt. That was really important to me - many paper pieced patterns include little to no cutting directions, and I am NOT cool with that. All of the cutting is strip cutting, making that step nice and fast! All of the piecing illustrations are in full color, and each block comes with its own coloring page to help you decide how you’d like to make your blocks.

I used an Alison Glass print as the background fabric - I really love how her prints help the seams just melt away into the quilt! I used more Alison Glass prints throughout the star blocks, but I also jam packed it full with a bunch of Karen Lewis fabrics. She’s my fave :)


So go check out the pattern! It’s 25% today and tomorrow!!! To all of the people who’ve already purchased, thank you so much! I am looking forward to seeing your versions pop up on social media <3

xoxo Amy