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Tamed Geometry

tamed geometry 2

In one of my recent stashing sprees, I picked up Geometry in Sunset by Alison Glass. It's a dynamic print that I decided to slice and dice into tiny dimensions. I thought serving it up in small bites with copious negative space would temper the print. Packing a lot of power into a small hit. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make the light and airy version of Irish Chain from Denyse Schmidt's book, and this seemed like it might be the time. Negative space? ...

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Linky Love

linky love

Rebecca posted about this new pattern and I bought it also immediately, and pulled a bunch of fabrics from my stash for a queen-sized version. Yes, ...

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Catching Up

Catching up 1

Oh man, you guys. I'm finally coming up on a breather here soon, which I am so looking forward to! Hopefully I'll have plenty of more time for sewing ...

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