Double Edged Star Tutorial

I’m crawling out from underneath a (blogging) rock to bring you guys this tutorial today :) I use a lot of “chevron” shapes in my work, and I usually paper piece them – but you can make them without paper piecing, as well! I added some into one of my favorite star blocks – an Ohio Star – to create… Read More

Tribal Finishes

I shared the Punk Love and Sticks & Stones quilts a little while ago, when I announced the Tribal Block Club, but not all of the blocks I had sewn up, as well. Thought I’d take a minute to share them now! I’m contemplating remaking them in a rainbow palette and making a wall of minis, like Andover’s QuiltCon booth…. Or… Read More

Quilt Pattern Layout: Adobe InDesign Video

Hey all! In case you haven’t seen it yet, Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is running an absolutely fabulous blog series on pattern writing. I volunteered to put together a video showing how I use InDesign to lay out my patterns. As I mention in the video, I create all of my illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, edit all of my… Read More

Radiance Quilt

Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments on my last post! I’m working on going through and responding to each one – it ended up being very constructive for me to share with you all. I’m organizing all of my tribal quilts/projects on one page for easier viewing and referencing, if you would like to check them out all… Read More

My life story – because it’s about time you heard it

You know that adult coloring book fad that’s going around? Of course you do. Erm, everyone does. (Stick around, I promise this swings back around to quilting with very little discussion about adult coloring books!) Well anyway, I was picking up some white elephant presents for our family Christmas swap when I found ADULT DOT TO DOT BOOKS. Let me… Read More

Tribal Block Club

In an exciting extension of my tribal collection of quilts, I have compiled a number of the patterns into a block club. You guys. I. am. PUMPED. (Even if you aren’t, I am. Ha!) Here’s the deal. When I was trying to figure out what to do – creatively, mentally, business-ly, etc. – I asked about classes. Since I got… Read More

Sticks & Stones

Can I be really vulnerable with you for a minute? Of course I can. It’s my blog, lol :) As I’ve mentioned before here, I recently went through a creative rut. Finishing up my book coincided with giving birth to this guy (now nearing 2): So not only did I have the huge letdown of coming off of a huge… Read More

White Rainbow – a Finished Quilt

Awhile ago, I sent Becca Bryan an email begging (because yes, I’m just sooo cool) to be on her book release blog hop. I had seen a preview of the book (Modern Rainbow) and LOVED it. On the hop, I showed you guys the quilt top, and I’m here today with the finished quilt!! I actually sent it out to be quilted… Read More

Wuthering Heights

Awhile ago, while the Naptown Stitchers was still meeting regularly (saaaaaaad nostalgic face), we got the assignment to make something based on our favorite book. I don’t really have a favorite, single book now, but growing up, it was Wuthering Heights. I hoped to convey Catherine’s spirit with the vibrant colors, and Heathcliff with the dark, brooding blacks & charcoals…. Read More

Sulky Threads Giveaway

The two questions that people most ask me are 1) What batting do you use? and 2) What thread do you use? I’ll tackle the first question in another post, but for now, let’s talk about question two. I use Superior So Fine! 50 for quilting and piecing, and Sulky for quilting as well. While I did a lot of… Read More