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The Quilter’s Planner: Vibrations Pattern

Vibrations copya

By now, I'm positive you've heard of the super stellar awesome quilty planner by Steph of Late Night Quilter. May I just say that I'm both hugely jealous of and totally excited for her (that's ok to say, right? We're friends, so I'm saying it. Lol.) Wellllll, more to the point, included in the planner is my pattern for Vibrations. So step right up to the plate for my quilt pattern (plus a bunch others that Stephanie will be talking about in the upcoming weeks), 52 quilt block ...

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Baby Icy Waters


I wish I could jump in here to say that I've been away for a month because I'm doing all the things! Like writing a book and releasing a fabric line and and and!! Uhhhh, no. Actually, the main ...

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Tamed Geometry

tamed geometry 2

In one of my recent stashing sprees, I picked up Geometry in Sunset by Alison Glass. It's a dynamic print that I decided to slice and dice into tiny dimensions. I thought serving it up in small bites ...

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Linky Love

linky love

Rebecca posted about this new pattern and I bought it also immediately, and pulled a bunch of fabrics from my stash for a queen-sized version. Yes, there has been lots of impulse purchasing ...

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Stashing Galore

DSC_4967 copy

You know, I'm normally a very frugal fabric purchaser, but I don't know WHAT has happened. You guys, it is bad. Or really, eally good, depending on how you look at it. I got online to get some fabric ...

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Vintage Ways Completed

Vintage Ways 3

Does anyone here remember Yellowgate 2015? (It was so geniusly named by Jeifner @ Secondhand Dinosaur.) Some of you were not into the purple I chose to rectify the situation (but I lovvvvved ...

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Catching Up

Catching up 1

Oh man, you guys. I'm finally coming up on a breather here soon, which I am so looking forward to! Hopefully I'll have plenty of more time for sewing and blogging in the near future :) So for now, a ...

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Stashing: Japanese Fabrics

stashing japanese fabrics

I recently bought a ton of goooorgeous Japanese Fabrics from a cool etsy shop I stumbled across, Miss Matatabi. I absolutely love her inventory, and will definitely be buying more there in the future! ...

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Metallic Thread

D & E II 3

I luuuuurve metallic thread. Not a little. Not a normal amount, either. A lot. I used it on my Ceiling Tiles quilt: And my Diamonds and Emeralds II quilt: And this pillow and a table ...

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Half-Rectangle Triangles


Thank you so much everyone for your feedback on my last quilt-life balance post! It was nice to hear how many of you moms understand what I'm going through. I also got some fun ideas from some of your ...

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Take Great Photos

Hey guys! Just popping in here real quick to let you know about something I just found - the Ultimate Bundles Photography Package! (And just as a heads up, this is NOT an affiliate link.) Some of ...

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