Some more ombre :)

Just checking in!
ombre 1
I was able to sew about 1/2 of the strips for my red ombre quilt and am itching to get back to them. It’s turning out to be a quick project (when I find the time) and is really hitting the spot right now! I love it so far :)
ombre 2
I haven’t had much time to sew lately because of…
well….you know….
Children are born without the ability to do anything well – except for making messes! They are amazing at that. Ah, well. They sure are cute at least :).
And to be fair….they aren’t the only one making messes. We’re working on purging through the house before the baby comes (another big reason I haven’t had enough sewing time lately!) and uh…
Well, that’s my sewing room….
I guess I can’t blame all the messes on the kids, now, can I?
I’m ok with being real with y’all :D
Anyone else have a mess that compares??


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    I have many piles but your place look like tornado went through :-) On the other hand if you can still close the door it’s all righ, he he.

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    Oh, I wish I could loan you my middle daughter. She is very good at purging — there are 6 of them living in a house that is only 560 sq feet. We recently downsized and moved to a southern state. Lisa helped us get ready for the move by visiting and going through our house from attic to basement and helping us make decisions about what things we should “let go” and allow to bless others. She was wonderful! Nancy:

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    I love your honesty, we are really untidy too, and 4 months of building work has sent us into order meltdown, it’s 2 weeks before our little one is due and I am desperately trying to organise and declutter, but it’s very hard work. Good Luck!!

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    Oh why is creativity so messy??? I’ve been working on re-arranging my quilting area so I have bookcases in the middle of the floor! Discouraging and frustrating! I need Nancy’s Lisa!!

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    The calm before the storm. ;-)
    I just redid my sewing room – new paint, new carpet, emptied my son’s stuff out of the closet and moved machines and cabinets from downstairs to upstairs. What a mess it was but it’s mostly together and so fun to use.
    Good luck! And as a mother of three boys I can say happy messes!

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