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Reporting to you from sleep-deprived new baby land….
No, I didn’t finish this quilt immediately after giving birth – that would be crazy talk! – but I hadn’t managed to post about it yet, so here ya go :)
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My first do. Good stitches quilt finish! {Last update found here and block tutorial found here}
The cross hatch quilting worked out beautifully, both for avoiding puckers and for allowing the quilt enough space to crinkle up nicely.
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I used Pellon’s Nature’s Touch batting. I’ve been trying out some different battings this year and really like this one, Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs cotton battings. I think they are all so much more luxurious than Warm & Natural! (no one throw sticks at me….lol)
Someone asked me about why I’m not a huge Warm and White/Natural fan (but they were a no-reply blogger, so I’m addressing it briefly here). Even though this specific Pellon batting is 100% cotton, it almost looks like a poly-blend (now that it’s done) because of how thick it is – advertised as 1/4″ loft, it’s the thickest cotton batting I’ve come across. I really like the the look of high loft batting because of the way it emphasizes quilting. In actuality, I find that only some parts of the batting are actually that thick – not the entirety of the batting. However, it is so much denser than the Warm & White/Natural brand that it still ends up being wayyyy better of a batting. The quilts I make with it seem a little heavier/more robust, and I think they are much warmer than Warm & White quilts are. Just in my opinion :) It’s also cheaper than Warm & White and available at Jo-Ann’s. Done and done. Never going back now!
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See the wonderful texture it got?
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I got some good feedback from you guys about the Hera marker (see comments on this post) – some of you also disliked how violent you had to be towards your fabric. Suggestions for crisper lines included marking before creating the quilt sandwich and starching the quilt top first – I’ll have to try those techniques to see if they help! Thanks for your thoughts!
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I tried a slightly different machine binding method since my Juki doesn’t do a zig zag (sad face!) – I sewed the binding to the back first, flipped it over to the front and gave it an ample fold. That way, I didn’t have to worry about the stitching hopping on and off the binding in the back – it was cleanly off all the way around.
I have never managed to do the whole stitch-in-the-ditch so it’ll catch on the other side method well. I have to go back in a million places where I missed the binding on the other side, it takes a lot of time to go fix it all up, and it doesn’t look great. So I’d rather fold it over, stitch it on the top and see where it ends up on the back, with the goal of being completely off the binding (I just prefer how that looks). It worked pretty well; I’ll probably be using this method in the future.
And some fun birds for the back :) But not geese. After all, these are actually HSTs, not geese!
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It’s been a really long time since I completely finished a quilt, so it felt really nice to finish this one – doubly so, since it’s going to charity and helping my sewing room look cleaner!
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    very nice quilt and love the backing too. Interesting seeing how you attach the binding, beats hand stitching it, I have machined it on the right side then turned over and hand stitched, a much slower way. Re your wadding also interesting, have ordered some Hobbs 80/20 but our local place is now selling cotton bump for wadding, not sure if this would be okay but it is much cheaper, only £5 a yard, what do you think?

  2. says

    It is gorgeous! The colours are so calming and also joyfull! The HST are so pretty! You did a wonderful job!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

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    lovely. I have the same Juki and I use the walking foot to machine bind my quilts. sew the binding to the back,flip to the front, and line up the edge of your binding to the inside edge of the left toe of the walking foot. good luck!

  4. says

    This turned out lovely. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the block assembly with flying geese LOL. I’m also a Hobbs 80/20 fan. I will buy the warm/natural when my local big box fabric store has their 50% off sale though.

    I use this binding method as well but if I don’t want the binding line to interfere with the quilting (even on the back) I stitch in the ditch on the front. I struggled pretty hard with not always catching the binding in the back until I starting pressing when I turned over my binding and pinning. It’s a bit more work but if I’m concerned enough to use this method then I don’t mind the extra time :)

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    Great quilt!!! I’ve had problems with bearding with my 2 rolls of Hobbs 80/20 – 1 king and 1 queen sized. Really frustrating so I am moving to Quilter’s Dream batting – love all the different kinds they make, great hand and they quilt up beautifully. Since I quilt for others, I can’t have batting that doesn’t perform consistently. Enjoy your new baby…they grow up way too fast!!

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    So gorgeous! Pellon Nature’s Touch is my favorite too – I just finished (as in its in the wash right now for a baby shower tomorrow) a quilt using two layers of it. So squishy! And that’s exactly how I do binding too, ever since I read Wasn’t Quilt in a Day’s binding tutorial. So easy and much more consistent too.

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    I love this quilt! Also love how the Architextures print works as the binding. I love that print and actually hoarded about 8 yards of it to use as binding on several upcoming quilts. So glad it works so well. Also, thanks for the tip about the Pellon batting. I’ve been using W&W/N.. and I like the thinness of it for some quilts but have been wondering about a thicker option for others….so I just ordered some. Thanks again!

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    Beautiful finish Amy! I do my binding the way you used to and also used to miss a bunch of spots. You may already do this, but once I started using the iron to press out the binding and then flipped it and pressed it over so that it covered the seam line…I found it went perfectly! It just naturally stayed in place and didn’t even have to pin. I like it this way too, but the other is probably my fave. Hope you and Gus are doing well:)

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    Good to know! I’m going to have to try that batting. AND your machine binding method. It makes WAY more sense to me. I can never get all of my stitches to land on the binding either.

  10. says

    Very sweet finish. Thanks for the batting and binding tips. Enjoy your new baby (best advice I ever got when I had a newborn: “sleep when baby sleeps.”)

  11. says

    I tried the Pellon’s Nature’s Touch recently and really liked it. Too bad I still have a roll of Warm N Natural to use up before I can buy more.

    Love this quilt.

  12. says

    This is a gorgeous quilt. I do my bindings the same way. I think it looks so much better. I haven’t tried the Natures Touch but I am going to. I have lately decided that my go to W&N isn’t thick enough for me either.

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