10 Quilty Little Secrets

We all have our dirty little secrets. Even quilty ones. I think it’s time for a little bit of airing :)Edited to add: Link up your quilty secrets here!
1. I sew over pins. Religiously. Ok, so I’ve gotten a little better at this one, but still!
2. I iron. I don’t press. Screw pressing.
3. None of this quilting from the inside – out business. I quilt almost every project right to left. It’s weird, I know, but the middle is the hardest part! If I start on one side and work in, then I’m practiced by the time I get to the middle. Then, I flip the quilt and work from the middle out to the other side, so I’m still saving an easy section for last.
4. I wash my quilts on hot. With bleach. Not every time, but my kids – they puke. And you know what? All my quilts still look great!!
5. I kind of like basting. And I prefer safety pins over spray. Don’t throw rocks at me.
6. I’m not crazy about Aurifil. There, I said it. Now you can throw rocks at me. (Except….don’t….)
7. Also? Warm and White (or Natural). Not into them.
8. Wonky log cabins? Eh. I don’t like them.
9. I love quilted feathers. Even if they look traditional.
free motion quilting
10. I dislike most Denyse Schmidt Fabrics. And Kaffe Fassett ones. Except for shot cottons.
There. Now you can all really hate me.
What about you? Any quilty confessions?

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  1. says

    I love Kaffe, Australian Aboriginal prints. And love Thimbleberries, Civil war and Cotton and Steele as much as people loved the Emperors new clothes. I iron the shit out of everything except bias seams. Use So Fine 60 and 30 weight for top thread for machine quilting.
    Happiest with loud music and free motion quilting.
    I am only precious with my quilts and then it is for my own satisfaction.
    I have a design wall of cotton bamboo wadding attached to the biggest wall in my sewing room by a gazillion thumb tacks. I spray baste on it.
    I sew over pins
    I expect that my utility quilts are spit up on, have grass, dirt and poo marks then they are washable.
    Thanks for the post
    South Australia

  2. says

    I also iron!! With LOTS of steam!!! I keep a gallon jug of water by my ironing board and can EASILY go through the whole thing if I’m in the zone!!!
    THANKS for #10!!! I was like… what am I missing?? I thought I just didn’t get the whole Kaffe thing!! I now know there ARE others!!

  3. says

    Love this post…so freeing. I also wonder about the hype of some new things. My secret is I sometimes (most times) bring the back of the quilt around to the front as a binding and machine sew it down with a kind of a zigzag stitch. he stitch looks pretty and it is such a time saver! (Pause for horrified looks.)

  4. says

    I’m SO GLAD to know that there are more people out there like myself!
    I’ve NEVER used Aurifil and only know about it from reading blogs.
    I throw away anything less than 2.5″ wide and I have a whole lot of ziploc bags full of 5″ and 2.5″ strips that I may never use because I prefer to purchase new fabric for a new project!
    I’m a fabric snob and won’t shop for quilt fabric at JoAnn’s.
    I don’t change my needle until I break it and have to.
    I appreciate some of the vintage fabrics and patterns but I really don’t care for Thimbleberries and all of the old-fashioned calicos.
    I prefer to purchase from the same fabric manufacturer and line for a project rather than hunting for things that go together.
    I’m also a snob when it comes to the back & binding of the quilt-I want them to match.
    I almost cannot bear to give away a quilt that I’ve made. I started making one for my adult son’s girlfriend who I expected he’d marry but didn’t get it finished in the year & a half they dated before they broke up. “Her” quilt is now in my living room and I’m so glad I kept it!
    My children don’t care for quilts…they like the soft, fuzzy, fluffy kind of blankets.

  5. says

    Here’s mine
    1) Chevrons…..just don’t appeal to me..they remind me of Charlie Brown’s T shirt
    2) Hexies…..again just doesn’t appeal to me
    3) Blog giveaways make me tired. I’d much more appreciate a good blog post about the fabric, thread, tool, etc…… and how the bloggist uses the item….I don’t mind the cross promotion and 100% understand why it is done
    4) I do think Aurifil thread is good thread but I also think Connecting Threads has good thread….and you can’t beat the price……and I think Superior Threads has good thread
    5) when it comes right down to it aren’t ALL quilts scrap quilts? I like what Gwen Marston writes in her Liberated book…..’scrap quilts look best when they are made from actual scraps’!
    6) Press open….press to one side…..as an audience member once shouted to Joni Mitchell when everyone was clamoring for a song…’play what you want’
    7) I have a small family, I am to the point where I am making quilts for people I don’t really know that well….oh you are having a baby?!?!…..let me make you a quilt….oh you are getting married?!?…let me make you a quilt
    8) Some prints I will never use…..Tula Pink is amazing but I’ll never make a quilt out of fabric that has racoon faces on it no matter what color it is!
    9) Same thing for fabric with deer or elk on it. I live in Norther Minnesota… I have to listen to my husband talk about deer season leading up to hunting weekend, after hunting weekend and through out the year. I have a deer head hanging in my foyer. That’s enough deer for me.
    10) I like 1930’s repo fabrics…. and to me they look pretty modern

  6. says

    I am a bloody patchwork & quilting beginner… but suppose I make a lot things more intuitive than methodically…don’t prewash… first begin sewing, then thinking of binding, quilt’s back… Even use cheap fabric (e.g. cotton from saled tablecloth) … did not think about iron/press or not … just do it… and: I didn’t believe that I realle go to be perfect… just have fun and doing it!

  7. says

    Wow, I thought I was a quilting rebel – in silence of course.

    1. I quilt over my pins.
    2. I hate Kaffe Fassett fabric – I don’t get the appeal at all. In fact, I don’t ‘get’ a lot of the designers.
    3. Don’t use Aurifil.
    4. I make my quilts to be used, washed and puked on (if, of course, the occasion requires it).
    5. I use steam and lots of it. If you don’t, it doesn’t seem to work.
    6. I don’t pre-wash. I know, don’t want to hear it.
    7. I like Connecting Threads thread. It holds up nice and it’s pretty cheap.
    8. I don’t baste my quilts. I take it to the longarm lady and she does it for me. My knees won’t crawl anymore.

    Boy, felt kind of good to get that out there.

  8. says

    Chance to get a few things off my chest,here goes,please dont take it personally,
    1 .Modern fabrics,no,not ever,or quilts
    2 I sew over pins.
    3 I press whichever way falls easiest,who cares what the back of the block looks like.
    4 Scrap quilts are my thing dont care if you call it fabric vomit!
    5 I sew with whichever thread is first when I open the drawer,and I have never prewashed a piece of fabric ever.
    6 I have an intense dislike of solid fabrics.
    7 Best Press,not for me,I believed the hype and bought some,Dylon Spray Starch for me everytime.
    8 They are my quilts,thanks for your opinion but I dont care,if you dont like it go and make your own.
    9 Backing fabric does not have to “go with” the front,who looks at the back really.
    10. We are all individuals,we can do what we like as long as it works for us,I personally do it for fun and relaxation,and I hope I dont sound like I should join the dreaded quilt police,believe me there are a lot of them out there.

    • says

      I love modern quilts. I wish I could have those that I gave away back because they are far out!
      I never sew over pins. I rarely pin and when I do, I pin below the 1/4″ sew line.
      I made one scrap quilt in my life. Don’t do it.
      I only use Presencia 50 weight thread. It’s so thin it’s far out.
      I love solid fabrics. I have more than I can count in every color available.
      I use only Best Press.
      Backing fabric has to match the front and I have to put a design in the back.
      THERE! We are total opposites

  9. Terri Shultis says

    I know I’m a little late on this, but your post cracked me up. Here are my “quilty” secrets:

    1. I never bury my start/stop quilting threads. I never will.
    2. Sometimes I use regular copy paper for my paper piecing. Shh.
    3. I love Niagara spray starch, and use it to the point that this is also a financial investment tip.
    4. I don’t bother to square up the quilt after I’ve quilted it. I just bind it and figure no one will ever know that it’s one thirty-second of an inch off square. Or care.
    5. I’m so glad other people make “Farmer’s Wife” quilts because I can admire them from afar. Far afar.
    6. Prewash? Are you insane?
    7. Applique or Crapplique? You be the judge.

    Whew. There’s a load off my mind. Thanks!!
    – T

  10. Scorpie says

    I am really late to this party. Love the post and all of the comments. Thought I must be crazy for not liking certain collections and designers. The one collection that I just don’t like is Cotton and Steel. Maybe it’s ‘cuz I am a newbie~I don’t know.

  11. Redonna says

    Just found this blog. Love it!! I’m a new quilter and taking a class. I’ve felt so guilty sewing over pins except when instructor is looking. Nothing has ever turned out square so I steam it to death. Sometimes I wash and sometimes I dont. Whew. I feel free

  12. Grays Grama says

    I, too, sew over pins and use as much of my saved scraps as possible on quilts I make. I have one comment with regard to prewashing fabric. Several years ago I was making a queen sized quilt for my niece’s wedding gift. There was no shrinkage except for one piece of fabric (of course, the one fabric that was my favorite and that the other fabrics were selected to complement it). You can imagine my state of mind when I found that this particular fabric had shrunk almost 20%. I had to settle for another fabric instead. Thank goodness I found this problem before I started cutting and piecing the quilt blocks. How awful that quilt would have looked after its first washing. So I religiously prewash every fabric I use before starting a quilt. Love the comments people posted.

  13. Lesley Ruxton says

    I’ve arrived at this party in time for the next one. This really made me laugh, I don’t like the Civil War fabrics, Thimbleberries, or brown fabric. Baltimore?yuk and yuk again, needle turned appliqué ? ghastly technique when there is heat n bond so much easier!
    I have never pre-washed fabric mind you it has come back and bitten me on the posterior a couple of times, but I still don’t!
    I use safety pins, don’t like spray, it’s sneaky stuff!
    I hate hand sewing but always sew the binding down by hand, how mad is that?
    Clearly the English are mad! Regards from the UK

  14. says

    I don’t care if I ever make a hexie, ever.
    My only log cabin attempt was a wonky one and I never finished it. I didn’t like it.
    I pre wash deep red if I have to, otherwise I have never pre washed.
    I love “thebitchystitcher” to death. I want to be her.

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