The 'calm' before the storm

I suppose it's been relaxing, despite busy, so I can call it the calm! We are closing on our house next Wednesday (HOLY COW!!), and doing the big moves on Friday and the weekend. Which leaves me Wednesday night and Thursday to paint the master before the bedroom set gets moved in. And I plan to stencil...yikes. I don't have good ideas, lol!! And yeah....I should probably get on packing. Today I packed SIX boxes!!! Yeah, I have no reason to brag - 4 china place settings and two boxes of wine glasses. Didn't exactly take very long.


But....I did get a lot done on the baby quilt! Not done, as hoped for, but a good chunk out of the way. I finished machine quilting the border pebbles and the binding is almost done - I machine sewed the binding onto the front of the quilt, wrapped it around, and have it nearly halfway sewn onto the back (this is done by hand, so much more time consuming!).


And this is why you don't make double sided quilts - disparities between the front and back are inevitable, especially when it comes to binding. At least one side will be a bit off. It might not look like much, but it makes a difference! Some areas were nearly 1/2 inch off between the front and the back...argh. I did my best to average between the two when this happened, but I really could only have about an 1/8 difference between the two sides for seaming purposes, so sometimes I had to fudge a bit. Lesson learned....for the third time!

I'll hopefully be finished tomorrow and will put up pics of the quilt in its entirety,
but for now, here's some teasers :)
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