Eat, play, sleep, repeat!

Sooo I've been working on this baby quilt that I found on the Moda Bake shop. Their version:
Of course, I ran out of white thread last night. How does one run out of white thread? my husband wants to know. Umm, yeah, you are used to raiding your mom's thread supply, lol. So, after mass last night, we stopped by Meijer. How did a trip for white thread and some snacks turn into an $83 shopping trip? Ugh, I don't know.
But, I'll show you some pics of the progress of this quilt.

I chose to make this a double sided quilt. NEVER EVER DO THIS. This is my third double sided quilt. They never work as well in reality as they do in theory - things just don't line up quite precisely on both sides.

But anyway....I made essentially the same quilt on both sides. One side has these lovely green, yellow, and blue colors...


...and the other side has these reds and greys.

Here's a brief peek - I had to sew the words on the opposite side on the green/yellow side in order for the quilting to work. Here I am finishing up the main quilting. John suggested diamonds - and I love how they turned out!

And today I started working on the border with a freemotion pattern called "pebbles".

I'm hoping to finish this quilt tomorrow, as my mom is coming to visit on Thursday and we will be busy making baby clothes/packing - but that may be an ambitious goal on my part!!

P.S. - George wants all to know that he was a great help last night :)
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