First blog post!

My first post in blogland! I ambitiously wanted to make a quilting blog, but realized I don't produce that many quilts that rapidly - so I'll be sprinkling in some other projects. But first, to introduce you to my buddy throughout this process: my Bernina! It's a vintage mechanical Bernina 830 from the 1970s (I have the certificate, but not the receipt, so I can't quite figure out which year). It was my Grandmother's, and I hoped for it to be my wedding present, but she unfortunately passed away before hand. My mother has the exact same sewing machine, just a few years older, that she received from my grandmother as her wedding present.  At the time, this machine was close to $1000! Because this machine works SO WELL, collectors still buy it today for close to the original price - around $800. Crazy! I couldn't do it without my trusty Bernina :)


There she is! I first started sewing in second grade on my mother's machine, so the continuity of using the same machine has helped a ton. Maybe that just makes me lazy :)

Ok, so while I love this machine, it would be nice to have an upgrade....Because this machine is so popular, Bernina recently made a new 830 with a ton of bells and whistles. I don't need all the bells, but I do long for the new 820 they made as it's little sister. Oh wait, it's like $6000. Time to get a new dream!!

Well, I hope some of you will enjoy following along with my projects. I had just been posting them on facebook, but thought I might as well just get a blog!

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