Tiny quilting!!

Remember the beautiful floral prints I showed off the other day? Well, here's what I've been doing with them: mini quilting 002Ok, I forgot to put something in to show you the scale, but there is a pencil in the upper left hand corner - the tiniest white squares in the designs are only 1/2"! I'm pretty proud of how perfectly all the seam matches turned out on these itsy bitsy gems :)

These were supposed to make a set of four coasters, but now I just want to keep going!!! I have made one more since this pic. These blocks are some of the blocks from the famous Civil War era Jane Stickle sampler quilt (for more info, check out this picture showing the entire quilt and this website talking about Jane's life). I got the idea of trying some of the blocks from this awesome blog I follow. Check out her mini quilt version: Isn't it sensational? The solids really show off both her quilting and the piecing patterns.

So I'll see how many I collect and at what point I grow sick of doing them - maybe they'll be coasters, maybe they'll be a mini quilt, or maybe - just maybe - I'll finish the entire sampler! I mean, I do have a whopping 5 of the 169 squares already pieced.....lol. Ok, there's also a lot of applique - not my favorite. I may have to enlist a friend if I end up going that route, lol. But no goals for now - sometimes goals ruin the fun :)

We picked up some paint for the nursery - hope to have that all painted soon!

ta ta for now :) amy

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