Updates and the Indy Modern Quilting Guild

Well, the nursery isn't all finished yet, but it's getting so close! Here's what we have done so far:

sept 1We still have to hang up the artwork, get the dresser, and figure out the curtains - but it's getting there!! It's nice to have the crib all set up and made, too. We went out to Babies R Us to buy some extras we still needed (not a cheap shopping trip!), including sheets. Would you believe that we got 16 receiving blankets and no sheets? Lol, that's just how it goes with registries sometimes!!

And here's a peek at what I'm doing with my beautiful Oasis fabric (bday gift from the hubs):

sept 2So pretty! Bet you can't guess what the pattern is yet!! I will post the whole design next so you can see what it is; I just enjoy teasing :) I got a lot of it done while at the Indianapolis Modern Quilter's Guild meeting. My first meeting with a guild - it was a lot of fun! And I wasn't sore after hours of quilting like I normally am. I really need an adjustable chair, because my table is not the right height!

So I had a really fun time at the guild and am looking forward to future meetings with those lovely ladies - and I got a little mini project on the side to work on! Everybody brought in (a) fat quarter(s) in yellow, orange, or aqua, and we all took pieces from the ones we liked. Great way to get rid of an old fabric without having to swap for just one piece of fabric - now I can make something! Now I just need something to do with it!

Well, ttfn :


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