Progress + Stash building :)

progress 1

Yay! Despite having a super needy baby on my hands, I've been able to get some work done on this quilt. How so? My lovely husband taking care of him so I can get an occasional hour in - a couple a week really does go a long way!! I'm loving this quilt and how it's turning out - the colors are super pretty and the small squares really ended up working well to show how these fabrics interact without overpowering each other.

Just so you have a way to see the progress, here's a re-look at the master plan, with a "progress" plan on the right. The black squares are the ones completed:

Last time I showed you what I had completed, I had the majority of one of the "rows" done. Now, I have two rows completely done and sewed together, and half of another - yay! Hopefully that makes sense....

progress 4
And this weekend, I took a mommy-only trip. That was the second time I left the house alone - and it needs to happen more often! It was glorious :) Of course, my husband probably did not appreciate it as much as I did, as I took this opportunity to buy some more fabric. I'm thinking a lap quilt to go in the guest bedroom (where the above quilt is going) on the papasan chair. The fabrics are DELICIOUS and are from the line "Etchings" by Moda's 3 Sisters - the same designers who put forth the fabrics for the quilt above. I looove their fabrics!!
progress 5

Since it's hard to tell, the top fabric has french architectural sketches, and the bottom print has a lightly printed map of Paris. Beautiful! Here's a closer look:

progress 6

I can't wait to dive in!


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