WIP Wednesday? More like WIP for life!

Ah, WIP Wednesday. A day to stop and look at what we have going on, and what we've achieved since the last one. I won't be hitting another Finish it Up Friday for a little while, but that's ok - baby love is worth it :). This is my first of what I hope to be many WIP Wednesdays - though if nothing happens in between, I won't bore you with the "update"! First off, I continue to plug away at this quilt for our guest bedroom:

wip for life 3

Yay progress! Check out my previous post for comparison. I read other people's blogs and get slightly ashamed that I am moving this slowly - other people are making 12+ quilts a year! I try to console myself that they are doing this as a business, and I am (currently) blogging for my personal enjoyment. I try not to bore my readers with posts about the same quilt over and over again, but then I remind myself that this is my hobby, and mommying is my full-time job. Love you Charlie!!

On my machine now:

wip for life 2

Working on another preemie quilt to donate to St. Francis. My preemie checklist: Completed - 2 Quilting in progress - 3 To be quilted - 2 Piecing in progress - 1

Project waiting patiently for me: Wedding Quilt (ugh, I really need to work on this one more!!!)

Fabric piles waiting to be played with: Hand-dyed wools for Charlie's stocking Etchings lap quilt Red and blue family room quilt Rest of the yellow/orange fabric swap scraps

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have been posting on my blog lately - I really appreciate all your love and read each and every one of your comments! Any questions you post, I will happily answer, but I don't want to respond "thank you" to each comment individually and bog up your emails. But I do want you to know that I love reading your comments and really appreciate all the compliments!! :)

Oh, one more, one more!! Very last thing in progress: Preparing for Charlie's baptism Now, this is not really quilting related, but it is important and exciting and awesome! My mom is sewing his baptismal gown for me (isn't she awesome?) out of my wedding dress fabric. We ordered some extra yardage when we got the dress, which she used to make me a matching bolero, and there's just barely enough left for this project. So cool :). We are going to our baptism class tonight, and he is scheduled for the 26th - can't wait! My little boy is growing up so fast :D

wip for life 1

ttfn, amy

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