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Fresh Sewing Day
It's the first of the month! Which means that Lily over at Lily's Quilts is hosting her Fresh Sewing Day - a time to stop and recap what we did last month. Well, achievement number one is that baby Charlie has started going DOWN for naps - YAY!!!! I love him, but well, I was getting tired of holding him that many hours a day. Now have the occasional hour to get crafty stuff done :)
I started out the month by buying MORE fabric - not like I needed to! But I heart Moda Etchings.
 I also worked on quilting some preemie sized quilts to donate to charity....when I finish!
That's the key, isn't it ;P
wip for life 2
these awesome little cubes:

I don't have a blog post about these yet, but I will! I just finished them last Friday, but couldn't reveal them until after I gave them as a belated first birthday gift to the cutest little girl I know :D. I also got in one more finish (ok, so that means I only actually finished two things the last month? only slightly depressing, lol....) yesterday when I completed a little log cabin ornament. I haven't posted about this yet either, but I promise I will! That's two upcoming project posts :). For now, here's a preview:

Since that's two finished projects - a BIG deal for me!! - I'm linking up to Finish it up Friday. Yay!

Last, but not least, I have been chipping away at my big work in progress all month. It's coming along, even if it is a bit slowly!!! I'm so excited about how it's looking:
sewing projects 027
Here's a look at my progress chart so you can see just where I'm at in this project:
double irish chain full size colored progress copy
And, even though it isn't a crafting accomplishment on my part, my adorable son was baptized this past Saturday. He did a good job - I was so worried he would just scream the whole time! While I didn't make anything for him, my family members did a great job of making his attire. The most important garment, the gown, my mother made out of my wedding dress scraps - so cool!
baptism and cubes 021
Wow, I guess I did more in November than I thought! Though I didn't finish a large quilt, like a know of lot of quilters do each month, I'm really happy with my accomplishments. Are there any accomplishments you feel proud of from last month? Even if they aren't quilting related :)
I'm also going to link up to Lily's Small Blog Meet, where I hope to get to know a few more of you out there in blogland!
Small Blog Meet


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