Finishes :)

Just a quick one today :) I wasn't able to get this off earlier because someone was cranky, but now that I am on babysitting duty (read:  my husband went to poker night), I have some time for alone things :D The current status of my quilting table - it's a bit cluttered:

finishes 1

Yup, you can see my eternal work in progress (which is now over half done!!), covered by my recent Christmas projects. But some good has come out of it! I finished another Christmas ornament this week, and the tutorial for it can be found here.

finishes 2

Love! Now, if only we could find the time to put up the tree, I wouldn't have to photograph it on this leafless tree. Or on a bush, which I also did, lol.

Today, I finished piecing this Christmas runner - yay! Not the most real of finishes, but it's a big deal for me. It's going to be a present :) I just have one more runner to make, then I'll have knocked out the rest of the charm pack. I'm impressed by how far $10 of fabric can go!

finishes 3

So, how would you quilt this? I'm thinking of gold thread, to be Christmas-y, and maybe pebbling the sashing and stippling the squares, but I'm not quite sure about that...ideas?

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