Christmas Crazzzzziness

This time of year comes around and I always think I have so much time. Tons of time. Time just wasting away. And then, it's a week before Christmas. WHAT??? How did that happen?!?
And this year, with a baby, is the year that I chose to make more gifts than normal. Probably a good plan. ;) Working on some scarves, table runner, ornaments, and will be making some pillows later. And some other, super secret gifts. Oh geez.
But hey, I finished one thing!!!
christmas 1
It took a bit longer than I thought it would. More on that later. But now it's done :)
And I also got this fun fabric to play around with:
christmas 2
Love! It's a nice little distraction from current deadlines.
And I had an idea for a quilt while struggling to fall asleep one night. It's all paper piecing, based on the shape of a keystone and the way it interacts with the stones around it. My husband helped me with some ideas for coloring it:
christmas 3
All solids. Though I'm not sure how hard it will be to find ones that match my pattern!
And I took out my etchings fabric and almost started cutting it. Then I looked back at all these things and realized, umm.....right. Christmas presents. Back to those!!
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