Fire and Ice and...trees?

Hello again :)
So I left you last week on Wednesday proclaiming my goal of finishing the Fire (and Ice) quilt rows by the end of the week.
Yeah, that didn't happen. Surprised? I'm not!
We left on Friday to go visit our friends out of town, which meant that day would be reserved for laundry (let's be honest, it piles up until roadtrips force my hand!) and packing. So Thursday, after making good progress, I planned on finishing up in the evening. But we had a surprise guest, and I thought that holing myself up in my sewing area was too anti-social. Since I still have so much on my plate, I decided to work on some writing - only quasi-anti-social, right? I mean, I was in the same room.... ;P
So today, I cranked out the last of the rows - all done! Now I just need to sew them together :D
rows 1
Of course, I only want to show you a sneak peek, because then what would be the point of showing you the quilt after the rows were pieced together? It would pretty much look the same!
And then this huge spider showed up....
rows 2
And in the mad dash to kill him, this resulted:
rows 3
Ew. Gross.
Hopefully, that's the end of that!

We recently cut down a bush (or was it a tree? a tree-sized bush?) and are deciding what to put in place of it. As well as other landscaping in general. My husband is way into this whole tree decision and diligently looked up a bunch of trees, and I thought we had decided: a paper birch where the old bush/tree was, a tulip poplar in the back yard, and an autumn blaze in the front yard. Though he somehow got on this trip about how we need to plant a redwood tree. Ok.....I mean, my grandparents used to have one in their backyard until they cut it down for a Christmas tree (I feel like that's so wrong). But really? I'm starting to think he's And tonight, he started looking up other exotic trees that could grow in our area. Apparently giant sequoias and palm trees are contenders. Oh sheesh....

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