WIP Wednesday

Still need to finish that fire quilt!! The goal is to finish the rows by the end of this week....hopefully that will happen! I've been falling a bit behind on my goals lately. So I buckled down and churned out about half of the last four rows today:
w 1
They won't look so wavy once I trim down the sides.
Imagine how great they are going to look next to the other rows!!
I have more blue colors than in my original plan. Reason being, my original plan had a decent number of intense pinks and fuchsias, but I just was not able to find any saturated enough. They were too pastel-y to use. I have blue because the hottest flames have flickers of blue and white in them - but now it might look too blue on the bottom half. So I'm thinking about renaming it the "Fire and Ice" quilt. But "fire quilt" is just easier to say...oh well :P
I also got about 1/3 of another Swoon block done, and found some much needed 10" square art canvases online. I've also stashed some more fabric...but let's be honest, that wasn't really necessary at the moment! Haven't gotten much more done, unfortunately.
Linking up to WIP Wednesday....YIKES I'm noticing that my last post was a week ago for the same thing! I need to get on it more :)
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