WIP Wednesday: Swooning!

swooning 1

I've been working on some swoon blocks lately! The orange and pink one was nearly done for a long time - just had to sew the two long horizontal seams. I didn't really enjoy doing it and made a number of mistakes, and the seam ripper made a few appearances. But the second one below went really well!

Blocks are always better the second time around, but I was really surprised just how much better it went. I actually really enjoyed it!! That doesn't always happen after only the second time doing a new block (which is a good thing, considering I'm only doing 5 blocks). I had already cut up all the colored fabric awhile ago (to use the scraps) so the construction also went a bit faster from that prep. Today I also cut up all the white for future blocks, so they should all go really quickly. My mom is doing four, so I only have three more to go.

swooning 2

Loving it! Linking up to WIP Wednesday. Go visit to see all of the awesome projects currently in the works.

I got a bit more work done quilting my courthouse steps quilt (sorry no pics yet!), and as will be the case for about the next year, a bunch of secret patterns are also currently in progress (hopefully for a book). Can't wait to go browsing all the other stuff in the linkup :D

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