WIP Wednesday

Among other things, we have had a nasty cold brewing here. Well, it was nasty for me. It gave my baby son super powers. Other than sleeping extra and sounding like a dinosaur, he was getting around like crazy, and even started pulling up and transitioning from crawling to sitting all by himself. Luckily the playing card mini quilt competition was pushed back a week, so I've been chugging away at that. It closes on Monday, so if you are a quick sewer, there's still time to enter!!
I chose the Ace of Spades (a beautiful card) and am using an aqua, orange, and yellow color scheme.
reverse 3
I decided to use a reverse applique method a la Dan. It's way out of my comfort zone, and I'm actually really loving it! Impromptu piecing is tough for me, and the reverse applique is a brand new experience. I've been focusing on really trying new things this year - some have been misses, but most have been very rewarding. Cutting through the top layer to reveal the bottom layer is soooo exciting!
reverse 7
It's almost done...and I'll share a bit about the process I used when it is. For now, here's a final glimpse of it's current state:
reverse 8
And I also recently finished up another Swoon block - 3 down, 2 to go! My mom is supposed to do 4 of them. I think she still only has one done - get on it mom! ;)
swoon 1
In other news, go nominate and vote in the Blogger's Quilt Festival! Vote for your overall favorite by clicking on the star above the entry you would like to vote for, and nominate your favorites within various genres here. As far as I understand, the top nominees will then be voted on to see who will win prizes. There is a lot of loot out there, so go vote for your favorite quilts!