Playing Card Mini Quilt Competition

So I've given you a few sneak peaks of this quilt...time for the reveal!
card 1
As I've mentioned previously, I used a reverse applique method, inspired by Dan of Piece and Press. My top layer consisted of intense oranges gradating out to yellow, and my under layer was light, light aquas, which gradated out to darker...aquas (not sure what dark aqua is called?). This gave areas of great contrast between the layers, with the light/dark combinations.
card 2
You can see the variegated yellow/orange thread I used in the process - I love my variegated threads!!!
I also attached some corner pockets on the back for a dowel rod:
card 3
I struggled a lot with fabric choice for the binding. My husband suggested black or gray. Black was too stark, and gray was just...blah. So I settled on gray, with scrappy aquas in the two corners without the little As. But as I was starting to sew last night, I sat in my chair and looked down at my (exceedingly messy) floor (with fabric strewn everywhere) and noticed this gem peering up at me:
card 4
Ooooooh. Yes. I grabbed it and cut away and am soo pleased with the results!
card 5
I think it works well because the pattern in this fabric mirrors the cut out design inside the spade. It finishes at 16" x 20". So I hope you like my entry for the mini quilt competition! Here's a link to look at all the entries - they are having a popular vote award, so if you get a chance, go over and pick your favorite.
I was planning on putting my process up now (so you can know how to do this, too), but it would have been an exceedingly long post if I did - so don't worry, I didn't forget and it is coming :)
And in other news, I've been nominated for two categories in the Blogger's Quilt Festival!!! I'm so honored! Go over and cast your vote sometime in the next few days - one vote per person for each category - for all of your favorite quilts.