What to do now??

Well, I have things mainly lined up for my next solids paper piecing project. However. There is the case of the one orange.


The second one from the right, between the straight up orange and the gold color (the gold color is a bit off, but this shows the weird orange really well). It's just not saturated enough. Even with the black in between, you can still tell that it isn't a great gradation. My mom and I scoured quilt stores locally in search of oranges, but after she left, I noticed the perfect one in the Fire & Ice quilt. It came from a store near her house (out of state for me), so hopefully she can waltz in and pick some up!! I mean, I don't think bright orange solids are exactly flying of the shelves these days....

So for now, I am without a project. I have fabric, though. So your thoughts?

I have some of this lovely Etchings Fabric, which I still haven't had the heart to cut yet. I absolutely looooove the large scale architectural print, and those gray roses make me so happy. These fabrics are pretty traditional in color, but sometimes, that's just what I need. Fabrics like this make me so comfortable. I love to look at them...but I don't love to chop them up! So any ideas that would work well to showcase these large scale prints?

Sorry about the color accuracy...I had to take the pictures inside since someone isn't doing the best with naps this week!

I also have the small scale green map on cream, and the gray text on cream, and then I threw in a number of fabrics from my stash. Those are all much smaller pieces of yardage, so something with a variety of fabric sizes would be great.


OOORRR...... on a completely different note...

I'm iffy on the bottom one, it's mustard background is a little strong perhaps? Anyway, I have a bunch of 1/8 yard cuts. I was thinking about making a color brick quilt with some light turquoise (see those little blue flowers in the print in the bottom right?) as the "mortar". But I'd need to buy some more fabrics to make a big enough quilt, because let's face it, I bought 1/8 YARD CUTS. So, I can't start it right away either, and I'm also not completely sold on the color bricks - I'm wanting something a bit more interesting, while still showing off the large scale prints.
So....any ideas?
StashingAmy Garro