One of those days....

Monday was not the greatest day. It started when poor Charlie had a huge diaper rash. Strangest thing, since he's never had one even though he's already 8 months old! So I put on some diaper cream and put on a disposable (the cream I have is not compatible with cloth) and BAM, it gave him a diaper rash somewhere else! Oh no! Switch back to the cloth, extra liners to protect the cloth from the diaper cream, eye eye eye (or however you spell that). Lots of switching diapers around, but today it's finally looking better. Then I made a Swoon block. Or at least, I thought I did. I completed it, felt good about it, and started on my last block. Oh wait. I messed up that previous block. Yay.

And then I started having an allergic reaction to my wedding ring!! What? (Ok let's not make any snide remarks about that one....). I must have gotten an irritant of some sort on it. Since it was still going on last night and this morning, I gave it a thorough cleaning and I *think* we are good to go.

But I'll leave you with some Swoon pictures for now.

The "un-Swoon":

Here's the culprit - where there should be some lovely white triangles!
Oy vey. That's going to require a seam ripper.
And now, for the real Swoon:
Much better. And, it's my favorite fabric combo out of all the blocks, which is why I saved it for last.
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