Bee Blocks

Two more blocks done for do. Good stitches! I can't decide which I prefer...


I think the green one looks better in person because the colors blend together hangs very well, since all the green values are similar. But I think the variety in the blues makes it more interesting to look at once I photographed it, and emphasizes the scrappiness. Just depends what you prefer!!


The tutorial for this block can be found here.

When I first saw this block popping up in various places, I loved it and really wanted an opportunity to do it.  When the leader for May asked us all to make two (each representing a single color) with any gray for the background, I was pumped!! I cut away happily....

...and cut some more... ...and some more...then lots of sewing... ...some really annoying template cutting... ...lots of "I swear, I will never make this block again"... and then a finish. And then the second. Phew. Took the block outside, photographed it, and thought, hey that looks awesome. I can't wait to make some for myself!!!

Lol. Have you ever done that before? It wasn't hard to make, just very time consuming. Cutting with a template is something I've never much liked; I'm pretty much into squares and rectangles when it comes to cutting. And there's lots of ironing seams open (I really dislike having to do that). So I can't tell you whether or not you should make it. But maybe don't set yourself a tight guideline :) And don't they look so very pretty??

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