July's Just Three

I've been pulling my hair out lately, so I decided that joining up with traceyjayquilts to do the "just three" commitment/challenge would be perfect to keep me from getting overwhelmed. Basically, you pick three things to focus on. You can do other stuff if you want, but those three things are your main goals.

So, here's what I'm focusing on for July:
1) Finish the Fire & Ice pattern
     - I recently got it back from pattern testers, will fix mistakes, send it out to a third tester, get feedback, do any corrections, get it printed, and get it into Crimson Tate and my Etsy store

2) Sew another pillow top - I wasn't 100% happy with the fabric choices for my last one....

3) Complete my fabric swap/bee requirements
    ....since they are all due really soon or overdue!

Since we're going on a 10 day vacation this month, that is pleeeenty to be doing and I hope I can hold myself back!