do. Good Blocks

For those of you in the states, I'm sure you're as glad as I am that the heat wave is OVER! We don't exactly have an old house, but the windows are original and not overly efficient...So by the end of the day, the house was getting about 11* hotter than it was at the beginning of the day...and the upstairs is 10* hotter than the downstairs...which means the baby's room and my sewing room were around 90* with the a/c on all day - yikes! I'm a bit of a wimp, so I didn't get much done during this heat. But I did do some sewing in the late, late evenings. I finally finished my bee blocks for June!


Tsk tsk. A little bit late there...I kept hitting a wall on them. But they are finally done.

And I'm making progress on my other bees/swaps as well. I cut the little squares for my Modern Siggy Swap:


My Kona green fabric (shown in the above pic as well) arrived at the swap master's house Saturday, and I'll be getting a nice stack in return with 32 colors in 10" squares - can't wait!!! Unfortunately, the yardage instructions we were given left us with a 10" x 42" extra chunk. This wouldn't be a problem if it was a color I was in love with, but I'm not a huge green girl. So...anyone want this green fabric? Or some of it? 


If you'd like a chance to snatch this fabric, tell me what you'd make with it! It's Kona Kiwi. And just a shot of cuteness. Charlie's been mastering the skill of unwinding things:



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