The IMQG Quilt Show!

A few weeks ago, the Indy Modern Quilt Guild threw a lovely outdoor show on Mass Ave (an artsy street filled with fun shops). Our quilts fluttered in the wind and hundreds saw our creations. It helped that there was a band playing down the street and there was some sort of street performer contest going on. Hopefully no one minds me showing pics of their lovely quilts!
We drove up the street and saw that my black and white bargello started off the show - how exciting!!! A lot of guys liked it. "Now that's a man's quilt" one guy exclaimed. Why, thank you oh so much :) I made it for a man (my husband), so glad to hear it! Handquilted and named for the show - "Black Jag".
I'm pretty sure quilts were made to flutter happily in the wind on some clothesline! (Oh wait, they're for beds and snuggling? Hmmm....we'll have to rethink this...)
I've seen quilts made with this pattern before floating around and absolutely love them! Didn't recognize the name of the quilter who made this one, unfortunately.
My friend Holly stippled a baby quilt with gray variegated thread and of course I loved it!! She blames me, of course - you know, because I used variegated gray thread on, um, everything. Though I've never used my darker thread on such a light background; only the lighter grays - now I'm dying to try it!!
And yet more loveliness by Holly - the plus sign quilt with the most amazing blue. EVER. I seriously am in love with this blue. I mean, blue in general I'm currently obsessed with, but this one furthers the obsession!
She used Lotta fabrics, which went perfectly with the blue!
Next, Lindsay's adorable baby quilt, Glass Half Full. Unfortunately a bit high up for this short one to take great photos, but the way she quilted it gives an absolutely delicious texture. You can buy her pattern here.
And last but not least, this awesome 3-dimensional quilt by a new member of our guild. She does some stellar amazing 3-d work!!
Of course those weren't all the quilts, but I couldn't show you every one! Check out more at the guild's blog and Lindsay's blog.
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