Fabric buying habits

A little while ago, I bought this lovely yardage from Crimson Tate. That's right, yardage. As in a full 2 yards. As a rule, I only buy 1/8 yard of anything unless I have a specific project I'm buying for. This is pretty crazy in the quilting world, but here's the deal.


I used to buy a yard or two of a fabric if I saw something that I just had to have. Or if it inspired an idea. And if there were fabrics that went with it? Well, I got some of those, too. Sometimes this ended up being a lot of fabric! Then, I once bought a pretty hefty pile of fabric, brought it home, and then decided I just didn't like it anymore. And I blew some decent $$ on that fabric....sigh. Hence, the habit of buying 1/8 yard. If I really still like it, I'll go buy more of it (case in point, this Joel Dewberry print).

If not - well, then I didn't waste much money, since I can use it up in little scraps for bee blocks and other smaller projects. I find this hasn't hampered my creating whatsoever, though it has increased my visits to the quilt shop. I'm ok with this, since it give Charlie and I a little activity to do.

From the looks of stash photographs I see, nearly everyone in the quilting world buys a whole lot more than I do!! I know some people have a mad idea that they must produce now, so having lots of yardage around is beneficial. And there are occasional times I wish I had more scraps, which wouldn't be an issue if I bought more yardage. So far, the savings have been worth it. So just out of curiosity, what are your fabric buying habits and how do they relate to your sewing process?

StashingAmy Garro