Finished Groove Top

Can you believe it? I finished!!! I didn't think I could do it in this amount of time!(In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my last two posts.)

se 1

Hopefully this naptime will last long enough for me to finish some more of the chores I was supposed to get done last night...oops :)

I'm so excited to have this top done! I know it might seem odd that I just did a major push to finish it right before having a ton of houseguests - why not wait till next week? Well, as I briefly mentioned already, I have a list of goals that I'm already behind on. This list goes through the beginning of November, week by week, since I'll be having a baby sometime then. I'm trying to get a lot of things done while I actually have the time!! Because once baby #2 comes, I'll have my hands full (in a good way) for quite awhile. Especially since my first little guy is only turning one tomorrow!

se 2

I decided to join this quilt along to challenge myself to practice curves. There are a ton of them in this quilt, so it's not like I was going to just get away with sewing 4 curved seams, still hating it, and still not improving. Nope! I definitely got wayyyy better. At the start, my curved blocks were pretty wonky, but at the end, they started laying nice and flat and having a nice, accurate 1/4" seam. Happiness :)

 se 3

So next time my friend Lindsay says, "Hey Amy, will you sew this block for me? It has a circle in it," I can say "Why yes, Lindsay. Of course I can." Not what I actually said: "Uh.....everything except the curved part. You can do that for me." LAME.

Seeing that Finish it up Friday was starting up again just furthered my fuel for finishing! Now off to those chores :)

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