Rounding things up

You's good to be organized.
(But shhhh, don't tell that to my sewing table!!!)
So I thought I'd stop and take some inventory of what all is going on!
First, let's look back at those September "Just Three" goals:
1) Start the "Squarey" quilt I recently designed on my computer. Yes, I'm stellar at names, lol. - Just started this one today! Ok, so it's technically October now....I hemmed and hawed for quite some time about fabric choices, and had to order some online. I have one more (lovely texty) print on the way, but other than that, I went with something uber girly and cute, very me from highschool:
rounding 1
(It's a pretty true red, but I took this pic at night, so it's not the greatest!)
2) Piece the purple + mustard quilt; maybe even start quilting that bad boy! - Pieced! And started quilting it today :)
3) Totally Groovy Quilt Along - keep working. I have no idea how far I intend to get...but just plan to work! - Pieced! It was quite the three day haul to get this one done. I have my quilting plan in mind, but I need to buy some more safety pins to baste that bad boy.
Of course, I got a bit distracted along the way and came up with this list of fun things to take part in....
And I restrained myself. With a baby due in 1-2 months (hey, they come on their own schedule), I shouldn't take on too many new projects, unless I want to sit in unfinished stacks of piecing for half a year!
So here's the deal...
Mod Pop is out. She's lovely, but the large yardage requirement made that decision for me.
The Pervalong/Quiltalong is on hold. I'm soooo in love with this quilt and want to make sure that I have ample time to dedicate to it without rushing. I might also want to make it bigger, so I'll need more time (it's currently 36" square, and I'd rather have a lap or twin quilt out of it).
The Scrappy Stash Quiltalong is nudging me to clean my sewing table. Well, not the whole table, but the pile of "I'll sort these later" scraps has been sitting there for an embarrassing amount of time!
And the Modern Mystery QAL....well, I couldn't say no to everything! Of course I'm behind on this. I'm partway done with part 1, finished cutting part 2, and they've already posted part 4! That's ok, I'm enjoying my own pace :P. It was the perfect project for that stack of Bella I was wondering what to do with.
rounding 2
rounding 3
Also, I finally got this book in the mail. It's loveliness is distracting me...
rounding 4
Post a link of your current WIPs, I'd love to come check them out!
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