Fabric Stashing

I normally only buy fabrics for specific projects, or in very small increments. This past month, I've been doing some of both and am long overdue in showing off the goods :)
It all started when I needed to order some fabric for a lap quilt I'm working on (the expertly named "Squarey" quilt). I was feeling the polka dot urge, and found a lovely one on Etsy. From the same shop, I saw and immediately purchased this beautiful text bundle:
fabric stashing 1
Aren't they lovely?
fabric stashing 2
I intended to stash the texts for later use and use the polka dot print with a yellow fabric (perhaps Madrona Road?) and a solid white, but when they arrived they just looked soooo darn good together. Plus, the polka dot was more of a cream than a white, and Madrona has some pretty pure white in it....so I ditched that plan and ordered more of one of the text prints that I loved so much!
I'm so happy with this combo :)
fabric stashing 3
Of course, I couldn't resist buying some Madrona Road....
fabric stashing 4
And awhile ago, in celebration of finding out that our second child is a boy, I promptly went out and bought some "Out to Sea" fabrics for a future shared bedroom. I still need to get some map panels to round it out, but I can't wait till they're old enough! (The red dot isn't Sarah Jane, but I thought it went well.)
fabric stashing 5
And last but not least, it's always great when your mom shows up with fabric in hand :)
Some super sweet and girly text prints:
StashingAmy Garro