A modern folded block

t3I loved Heidi's folding block so much, I went to make it right away:

I only used prints with aqua, black and white. I was a little hesitant to limit myself so much color-wise, especially when I'm planning to use so many fabrics throughout the blocks. But I figured that if I'm limiting myself to aquas in this block, I can use up my greens in another. Hopefully it doesn't backfire!
Heidi spaced her fabrics at 1/2" increments, but I alternated between 1/4" and 3/4".I think it looks great with my first block! So excited for the rest of this series.

Chelsea at Pins and Bobbins has a great scrappy tutorial for us as well - but I'm working from a fresh set of fat quarters, so I'll have to wait till I accumulate some scraps to make this one.
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