Something New Sampler: Modern Bargello Block

Welcome to the first block of the Something New Sampler! You can find more information in our flickr group and in the introduction post. Sew along with us for a chance to win prizes!I'm Amy and I'll be showing you how to make this great modern bargello block. Most modern quilters dislike bargello quilts; I think they just get a bad rap and can look really striking. True to modern quilting form, I like to use negative space in bargello designs to help lead the eye.
bargello quilt
So, onto the Bargello Block! If you participated in the Scrappy Trip Along, this will look somewhat familiar to you, as it uses a bargello method.
s7 You'll need five fabrics for this block. I used white as the "background", but a print will work as well. Cut the fabrics as follows:

White - 8.5" x 12"
Stripes - 4.25" x 12"
Spots - 1.75" x 12"
Green - 1" x 12"
Lattice - 2" x 12"

Sew them together along the 12" sides, pressing seams open. If necessary, square up when finished. Then fold the fabric piece in half, right sides together, lining up the 12" sides of the white piece and the lattice piece. Sew along the 12" sides. Press seams open. You will now have a fabric tube.


Carefully line up the edges of the tube so it lays flat. Next, you will slice across the tube to create a number of little tubes (to have enough fabric for this block, cut a maximum of 8 tubes).



If you wold like to duplicate my block exactly, here are the widths I cut:

three 1" strips
one 1.25" strip
one 1.5" strip
three 2" strips

Next, turn the strips right side out. Arrange and rotate the strips until you have a pleasing design. (Keep in mind that you will only be able to see half of the design before the strips are cut.) The fold on the top of the strips will be the top of the block. Once you like the shape you have created, carefully cut along the fold at the top of each folded strip. (I ended up rearranging mine slightly after cutting them.)

To duplicate my block, use the photo below to determine how far above the edge of the lattice fabric to cut on each strip.

Sew the strips together. Sew them together in pairs, stitching in one direction. Then sew the pairs together by stitching in the opposite direction. Changing the direction of your stitching will help prevent drift and curving which occurs often when sewing many parallel seams.



Trim down to 7.5" x 14.5".

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