Butterfly Blocks & Something New Sampler Blocks

Well I've been working away on my blocks for my friend's baby quilt and for the Something New Sampler...
I finished a stack of 40 butterfly wings waiting to be joined to their bodies! Once I do that, I'll have 2/3 of my blocks pieced.
I also finished the cathedral windows block for the Something New Sampler. It took 4 hours, a lot of Downton Abbey, and a little beer. And I love it!

Lastly, I finished up the machine applique block today. (Some of the pics are taken after dark, hence the wacky colors.)

There are a lot of applique methods out there and I decided to use an interfacing method. Here are the steps I followed:
step one | Cut 2.75" strips of interfacing. Use the top half of the template to cut out half circles.
step two | Place the bumpy dotted side of the interfacing against the right side of the clamshell. Stitch together with a 1/4" seam.
step three | Flip the interfacing and push the fabric out against the seam to create a smooth curve. Finger press the piece flat. Do not iron.
step four | Place one row of clamshells onto background fabric. Press (which will affix the clamshells to the background), then applique using Becky's tutorial.
I used the template as a guide to place subsequent clamshells. I marked the center of each clamshell with a pin or Frixion pen and lined up the center with the corner of the template.
I really enjoyed making this block and think it's a great way to showcase a line of fabrics you love. I'm thinking larger scale clamshells, baby quilt? I'll just add it to my very long list of to-dos!
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