Something New Sampler: Small Projects

This post is part of the Something New Sampler blog event. I'm showing different ways to set rectangular blocks. We're using 7.5" x 14.5" blocks (finished at 7" x 14"), but you can use the same ideas for any rectangular blocks you might have!
We've looked at some larger projects, but there are lots of ways to use these blocks in smaller ways. I'm not going to give exact directions for these projects since I'm going to throw out multiple ideas. If you need help creating any of these, just comment and I can help you work out measurements!
I showed one baby quilt, but there are a million baby quilts you could make with just a few blocks! For example, if you're into "beads"....
Or line them up and sash them to make a table runner...
Or use one of the techniques presented to create a runner with one oversized block, like this one made by one of our participants...
Love the quilting :)
Make wonky placemats by adding an extra large border and then cutting them down:
Make an accent pillow by simply adding a backing to a block and stuffing it. Or enlarge it by adding other fabric. Heidi made a great black pillow with her cathedral windows block and made a second pillow with an adapted version of her block:
Make a tote, cover a notebook, or just make a mini quilt wall hanging...the possibilities are endless!
I can't wait to see what you all make!!
And now, an important question...I will be opening the link-up on Monday. I'll be sure to reiterate all the "rules" and will reveal the details for the prizes (first place prize, second place, etc.). I originally planned to keep the link up open until March 1st, and there will certainly be a lot of great projects for then. But would you like more time? Another week or two? Let me know!
P.S. ~ I'm totally cool with you adapting the blocks and methods to suit your projects, even if you don't end up with the exact blocks presented or the 7" x 14" size. You can still link up!
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