Madrona Road Quilt

Wow. I'm touched.
I'm also extremely humbled. Humbled that someone thought it was worthy - little me and this little quilt!
I've entitled the pattern "Birthstones" because of the diamond and emerald shapes. It's 64" x 64".
I made this quilt for the Madrona Road fabric challenge put on by the Modern Quilt Guild.. I received my fabric a few days after Christmas. I missed my guild meeting in December because I gave birth on the 2nd. I wasn't sure if I could finish the quilt for the deadline with a newborn. Beyond that, I didn't think there was even the slightest chance it would be chosen. I'm pretty competitive and goal driven, so I love partaking in events where there are winners. My husband kept asking, "What are the prizes again?". "Well," I would say, "your quilt can be in the Michael Miller booth at Quilt Con. But mine won't make it there. So really, no prizes. It's just for fun."
Well. It sure was fun. And then I got chosen...and now I'm pumped!!
My husband designed the block for this quilt. He came home telling me he had an idea and that he hadn't seen anything like it an a quilt before (I show this poor man a lot of yes, he can say that with some authority). He showed me his sketch and I set out to recreate it in Adobe Illustrator with dimensions that weren't too weird. It was tricky to make that happen with diamonds and rectangles! But I ended up creating a 16" square block design. Each block is made of 4 paper pieced diamonds and one rectangle.
Love the block design, love my husband more :)
I ended up quilting it with a boxy version of loops using a very very light blue thread. I was surprised how quickly it went!
Isn't a wonderful thing when beauty is seen in our weakness? You see, I started second guessing myself and thought the quilt was ho-hum. Somebody thought it was beautiful.
And that's pretty awesome. Thank you Michael Miller!
Finished QuiltAmy Garro