WIP Wednesday

Ok, so it's just into the beginning of Thursday here, but I sewed everything before midnight.
Well. Before 12:10. That counts, right? ;P And that also explains the inaccurate colors in some of my pictures - no sun for us night people!
I didn't sew at all last night and did very little on Monday, so I kicked my butt into high gear tonight. I spent some time sewing up 8 butterfly blocks for my friend's baby quilt. I'll need 63 total. Still can't get over the cute fabric...
Unfortunately I only have one dark-value fabric here. I didn't think about this until I laid these blocks out just now. I may want to get another brown (maybe the color of the cowboy hat?) so the dark brown fabric I have now doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. I had some browns pulled out from my stash originally, but none of them went well with the other fabrics. This may require a fabric store trip. Not that I'm complaining!
And I'm a bit behind on my blocks for the Something New Sampler, so today I set forth to get my reverse applique block done:
I changed directions partway through the making of this block, hence the abandoned marking lines on my block. I thought I would take my cue from the fabric and accent the chevrons. My favorite part of reverse applique is sitting down at the end and cutting away the top fabric! So the question is...did I cut away enough, or should I cut more? Add a green fabric in there? Thoughts?
And I worked on cutting out some squares for the cathedral windows block. Loving this!Linking up to WIP Wednesday:
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