A girly baby quilt finish

Life around here has been a little crazy lately. But with two under two, maybe the real question is, why do I expect to get so much done? Haha....one can dream :)
I haven't had time to blog about this in the process, but I did just finish up this quilt today:
It's for a fundraising auction - hopefully it does well!
Since I was short on time (and wasn't convinced someone would pay more for a quilt just because it had some HSTs in there) I kept it simple with patchwork, working completely with fabrics from my stash.
Moda Snow made the absolute perfect binding. It helped give a really delicate, light feel to the quilt. Especially since the other contenders were much darker in color...I seriously do NOT keep good binding fabrics on hand!
I think the backing might be my favorite part....love it! 50% off for the win!!
I quilted this guy in loop de loos with a variegated (of course) pink thread.
Honestly, quilts are so undervalued by the average population, I think I'll be lucky if it gets what it's worth...I'm hoping for at least $150. We shall see!
I know I just showed you three baby quilts (if you include this one), but I have a few more to go - and then we can be done with the baby quilt parade! Man, all my friends...having babies...