How to make an Ice Cream Sundae martini

For starters, welcome to anyone visiting from Sew Can She! I'm happy to announce that my Improv Herringbone is being featured there today. If you've never been to Sew Can She before, I suggest you stop by - she aggregates some amazing tutorials, which is a great way to find new blogs to follow.
In other machine broke. Waw wah waaaaaaaaahw.....
Luckily I convinced my mom to drive down for a visit this weekend so we could switch machines (isn't she nice to take mine to get fixed?). So in the meantime, my husband and I hit the kitchen to see what we could mix up....

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Ice Cream Sundae Martini!!
Ice Cream Sundae Martini
Drizzle caramel and chocolate syrup into your martini glass.
Mix the following ingredients in a martini shaker without ice:
1 part creme de cacao
1 part whipped cream vodka
1 generous spoonful of ice cream (not a scoop, just a spoonful)
1 teaspoon of coconut white balsamic vinegar (optional - we bought ours at The Wild Olive on a day trip)
Why no ice? The ice cream needs to melt to mix! Cheaper ice cream will actually work better, as it is airier/not as dense, so it will melt more easily.
Once this is all mixed thoroughly, add ice to the martini shaker and shake liberally until cold.
Pour drink into martini glass and garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and a hazelnut stick (I didn't have these, but they would have helped!). 
Enjoy :)

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