Rethinking the Saris!

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So after posting about my Sari Bari quilt, and hearing from everyone that I should use a design that shows off the large-scale patterns in the saris, I realized something - we were thinking about different parts of the saris! I was largely ignoring the large-scale borders, because there was so much brown in them. The remaining areas I was going to use have prints that are medium to small in scale. Hence why I originally was considering a design with small pieces.
But your comments got me to thinking about those borders...and I opened up one of the purple saris all the way to see how far the border ran, when to my surprise, another version of the border appeared!
Apparently I didn't open the sari quite far enough originally - because I love this black version! Unfortunately there isn't much of it, but it's really beautiful. So I decided to shift my focus to those borders. I looked at the other purple sari, which has a gold color in the border, which someone suggested bringing in. Looking good!
So I pulled in a great purple and gold print that goes really well with the feel of the saris, along with the pink (I still like solids to provide some rest for the eye!). Those beckoned the addition of the pink floral to provide another gold anchor fabric, and I pulled in a blue charm to bring out the blues in the floral.
I don't know for sure if I'm going to use the floral and the blue (only in small pops), but they are definitely great options to pull from if I feel I end up needing them! I'm grateful for all the input I received and am definitely loving the borders which before I was not so fond of - they really are beautiful, and so iconic of the cause this quilt is going towards.
Sari BariAmy Garro