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First off, let's announce the giveaway winner:
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AmandaK@whatthebobbin! Congrats! I'm sending you an email :)
I've gotten some stashing done lately! That seems like all I've had time to do. But more on that later, first the eye candy :)
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I bought these fabrics on a day trip to Shipshewana (Amish country!). ETA: the red fabric is Aspen Frost, and the others are Winter's Lane. I'm thinking they'll make a fantastic Christmas stocking. I might need one for this year for Johnny since I'm apparently the world's slowest cross-stitcher and his still isn't done!
 stashing 1Left to right: Falling Snow Dots, Jubilee Grey Stripe, Simply Style Navy Chevron, Navy Two Inch Stripe
 I bought these from Fat Quarter Shop on a whim. We're planning on changing our guest room into a bedroom for our oldest (so we can move the baby out of our room and into the nursery) and are going with a nautical theme. The gray and white stripe showed up looking creamier than I was expecting, so I'm not sure I'll keep it in the mix. The black dotted fabric was just for fun. No plans for it yet!
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I didn't even realize the chevron was ombred until it came - but I love it! I think these fabrics will make some great pillows for a floor bed. Yay fabric!!
Alright. Let's get down to business. The past few weeks, I've been finding it really difficult to get any sewing time in. My youngest switched around his naps so that they are now exactly opposite of my oldest! Gahh!! I used to get at least an hour of sewing time during naps and some extra time on the weekends. So about 7 - 10 hours per week.
I got a few hours in on vacation last week, but haven't gotten any sewing done since I got back, and hadn't gotten much done the week before. And unfortunately, I have a few deadlines coming up! The Sari Bari quilt is due at the end of September, and I have to do another quilt for mid-September for a publication, and haven't even cut the fabric for either.
Basically I'm going to have to suck it up and do some night-time sewing to get things finished. I know a lot of quilters sew at night, but I don't like sewing then - by the time my husband gets home and dinner gets cooked and eaten, it's already late. I'm tired and make a lot of mistakes, my sewing room isn't well-lit, and it's just not very enjoyable for me.
So the question is - when do you sew? How many hours per week would you say? And do you have any tips to make nighttime sewing more fun?
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