Finished quilt top!

Thank you for all the love and support for my Juicy Fruit quilt!! I'm still getting back into everyday mode after vacation. Let's just say it was nice to have so many family members wanting to take care of my kids - and I got a little used it it! I'm going to miss vacation a little bit...
vacation house
While I was there, I managed to finish up my quilt top during some of the rainy hours.
finished 2
Smaller than originally intended, but it'll be the perfect size for my son's cousin. They had fun all week together and she said it was "pretty", so that settled the question of what I was going to do with it!
I planned out the backing last night, but then my kids didn't line up their naps hopefully I'll get that whipped together soon.
But speaking of backings....
Does anyone else hate doing the backing? It just seems like the ugly half of the quilt, honestly. Like, you spend all this time on the front, and the back is either just a single piece of yardage (usually a solid because it's cheaper) or a messy looking mashup of extra fabric from the top. I dunno....I just struggle with liking the way backings look.
I mean, I really like the way this one turned out:
Backing of my "Escape Artist" baby quilt
(Plus, who doesn't like corn, right?)
But I haven't liked most of my other ones, so hopefully this one works out ok.
Blech. Backing....
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