Quilting the Prism

prism 1
Yesterday I got lots of sewing time, thanks to my husband watching the kids! I decided that I would trapunto all of the middle green diamonds in the quilt. Since it's a quilt for a toddler, I thought the extra textural element would be fun. I'm using Warm & White batting and used an extra 3 layers for these diamonds - they are going to big puffy!! I used this tutorial by MR for the trapunto technique.
prism 2
I was in love with Angela's first quilting suggestion, but decided to add some extra lines. I'm hoping to do some free motion quilting in the larger areas, so the two lines will help divide the different areas. I'll use the aqua thread in the area right around the green diamond, the pink thread in the areas next to the pink diamonds, and white thread in the middle areas. Hope it looks good!
prism 3
I marked 1.75" out on each side from the center diamond and drew lines connecting the corners of the white diamond to these points.
prism 4
Then I drew lines connecting the corners of the green diamonds to the corners of the white diamonds.
prism 5
To get the double lines, I considered just doing a 1/4" echo line on each of the lines I drew - but then they wouldn't connect to the next block. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to avoid breaking my thread! Stops and starts are so annoying. So I just marked 1/4" on the inside of each line and connected, once again, to the corners of the white diamonds. It gives me a similar look - I just hope those corners don't bulk up from all the threads going through!!
prism 6
Now I just need to decide what FMQ patterns I'm going to use. I'm thinking aqua - pebbling (my fave), white - footballs (shown here), and pink - paisleys or some sort of echoed curved shape.
But I might just start with the straight line quilting and see how much time the kids give me to work on this :)
So...what are you up to? If you're a Prismer, how's your quilting plan shaping up?
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