Odds and ends

I don't know about all of you guys, but I totally overbooked my September schedule!! Whoops....So I'm focusing on the highest priorities. Aka, things with contracts. So the Prism Along will now be pushed back two weeks! Hope that's alright with all the participants (who doesn't like a little extra time, eh?)! So here are some new dates:
September 23 - linky opens
September 27 - linky closes, voting begins
September 30 - voting closed, winners announcedAlso, I will be allowing finished, unquilted tops to enter. There's a lot of you who were brave enough to take on a nice big twin size quilt - and I want all of you to be able to enter!!

13 Spools
Now onto a sneak peek for that contract deadline.....
I felt 6 yards of crossword puzzle fabric was necessary. You know. :)
Hey, every quilt needs a backing!!! And yes, I'm the reason why it's listed as "almost sold out". Hee hee.
And I spent Labor Day weekend working on some renovations. Like painting my fireplace white and getting closer to finishing up with my kitchen windows (yeah, I started painting those white like a month ago....). Painting the rest of the house's windows and molding to follow. Ha. That's not a big project!
odds 2
In other news, I started quilting my Prism quilt....
For some reason, quilting has been so love/hate for me lately.
Probably because I think I'm amazing and then I start quilting and realize I'm just a normal person. I just need to be brought down a notch.
odds 3
- how puffy the trapuntoed (is that a word?) center diamonds are!
- how the pebbling looks
- how the pink quilting looks (oh wait....I didn't take a picture of that...blogging fail!!)
odds 4
- how difficult it is to quilt in those tiny little areas next to the corners of the diamonds
I'm thinking if I remove the aqua straight lines that touch the corners of the puffy aqua diamonds, it would be easier - no skinny little areas to quilt!
- the color of the aqua thread
Seriously. It's too dark!! (I wasn't able to capture the light well enough to show you what I mean, but it looks to dark to me!) I prefer a darker thread over a light fabric than a light thread over a dark fabric (I know, I'm opposite of everyone in the quilting world), so you will rarely see me using matching my thread color to the lightest color in the quilt. In fact, in the Groove quilt, I had some very dark gray quilting over the white fabric. It. looked. FABULOUS!! So I thought this would, too. Ummmmmm, no.
So that's sitting in the corner until I learn to love it until I figure out what to do with it.
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