Freshly purged sewing room!

Remember this? No more!

purging 1

Here's my freshly purged sewing room!

purging 2

Soooo much better. I can actually walk in and use it without picking anything up first. Small miracles, people. Small miracles :)

purging 3

Since purging went faster than I thought it would (I put all of my energy into this room instead of the rest of the house!), this will be less of an "event" than I originally pictured. I'm still going to share the process with you, though!

{Purging 101}

Purging is not redecorating (that comes after). It's not just buying new organizers. (Guess what? I didn't buy a single organizer, container, or tub for this project.) It's a little bit painful - but worth it!

It's about owning less, and thus needing to clean less often. Less stuff = less mess without any extra effort!

It meant being real with myself - was I really going to use this fabric? Or was I just hanging onto it because I spent money on it? Because it was a gift? Because I liked how it looked to the point that I wasn't willing to cut it up?

Purging meant evaluating the projects I had in my studio. Were they dead weight? Was the multitude fostering creativity or complacency?

It helped me assess the way I use my space and the atmosphere I wanted to create vs. the atmosphere that currently existed. Was furniture being used effectively, or was it just taking up space?

purging 4
Love the light in this room! Now I can use it :)

I would still like to do some actual decorating in this space. I'm also hoping to change the table setup at some point to something that gives me the best use of the space. But I'm going to wait for a little while to see what my needs really are - they'll be different now that my space isn't cluttered with so much stuff!

purging 5

To help get in the spirit of purging, I bought a book (yes you can make fun of me!). If you're interested, you can go here, where I talk about the process she presents, as well as how well I thought it worked. Generally speaking, I think you get the point, so I'll just stick to quilting-related purging thoughts here. Coming soon: how I purged my stash!

purging 6
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