WIP Wednesday: Getting close to finishing!

My purging progress is going well....I'll be posting about it soon! In the spirit of purging, I thought I'd work on moving some perpetual WIPs out of the house. First up - my do. Good stitches Flocks of HSTs quilt (block tutorial here).

getting close 1

What's that? Empty space surrounding my sewing table?? I know, it's ridiculous and amazing :)

On Monday, I basted and started quilting. I used a Hera marker and worked in a mark-a-little, baste-a-little pattern so I could place my pins out of the way.

getting close 2

{Incidentally, I'm not completely sold on the Hera marker....everyone seems to rave about it. The first time I tried using it on a medium-valued fabric and just could not see the lines well - so I went back and used a fabric marker to re-mark. This time, I thought white fabric in natural lighting would work better. It did the trick, but I wasn't getting the nice clean lines that everyone shows in their photos. There were a few areas where I couldn't see the marking once I got quilting, though it worked well enough. Any advice appreciated!}

getting close 3

This is the first bee quilt I've ever compiled myself, and it was a bit tricky - not everyone sews exactly the same, so there were definitely some ripples I needed to work out! I decided on a large scale cross-hatch.

getting close 4

I love the way it looks with the triangles!

getting close 5

I've got some texty fabric all ready for binding. Hopefully tonight!

getting close 6

I can't wait to see the texture after washing and drying on this one :)

getting close 7
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