Tula Pink's Butterfly Quilt: Block Diary Volume 1

I mentioned before that I'm working on the Tula Pink Butterfly quilt and that I was a little disappointed in the pattern - the directions didn't indicate which fabrics to use for which blocks. The photo on the front is just to small to see every single fabric with accuracy. This was frustrating to me - I was expecting the quilt kit to give me everything I needed to make the quilt exactly as pictured! So I scoured Angela Walter's photos of the quilt to better see Tula's fabric placement. You can look at the quilt up close, too, by going here (click on the photo you are interested in looking at for a blown-up version). So I'll be sharing with you what fabrics I used for each block in case you want to make the exact version, too!
But, I also want to respect all of Tula's hard work as a pattern writer. Therefore, I will not be sharing my cutting list (sorry!) because I think that would enable someone to make the quilt without buying the pattern. I will simply show photos of the finished blocks and indicate which fabrics I used from the quilt kit. I don't think this will show anything that Angela's photos don't already show. You will need to buy the quilt pattern for the measurements and assembly instructions of each block, as well as for the assembly of the entire quilt top, and the number of each block to make. I'm just sharing my fabric choices. If you want to make this project in the same colorway, awesome! I was gifted this quilt kit from Westwood Acres, but it is now also available at my favorite shop, Crimson Tate.
I labeled all of my fabrics for quick reference on the back of the pattern, which you can see here, and will be referring to them as such.
Just as a side note - there are bound to be some mistakes! My apologies in advance :). Also, upon close examination of the quilt, it seemed as though Tula also used a solid bright pink which is not included in the quilt kit, but closely resembles Fabric D. I'm planning on buying some extra of Fabric D and just using it, especially since it's hard to always distinguish in the photos Fabric D from the solid pink fabric. 
I'm just sharing fabric choices for four of the blocks today.
I made all of the Teeter Totter blocks and all of the Mini Log Cabin blocks with the fabric layouts as pictured.
For the Small Log Cabin blocks, I made 10 of the colorway pictured on the left. I made all of the remaining Small Log Cabin blocks in the colorway pictured on the right.
I made all of the Large Log Cabin blocks with the fabric layout as pictured below.
I'm loving these fabrics and am really excited for how this quilt is going to turn out!!
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