Finish it up Friday: Curtains!

I'm departing a little bit from my usual quilting escapades to share with you my home decor finish. Last summer, I went to Ikea in search of the oh-so-popular Ikea text print, but was disappointed in its thinness. Charlotte has since assured me that it works well as a quilt backing, so if I ever go back, I might still grab some....but at the time, I decided instead to buy this amazing, large-scale graphic print.
I love the little nibbles out of the leaves - tiny clues left by an intruder!
I used it to make some curtains for my kitchen.
I think they turned out beautifully.
I used a simple mitered corners tutorial (for cloth napkins, but it worked great for this purpose) with clips to create these window coverings.
I opted not to line them - the decor weight fabric was plenty thick enough to give privacy, and I wasn't feeling the extra work. Plus, now they glow beautifully during the day!
Toddler approved :)
Oh, by the way, this is one of the things I was working on during my late night sewing binge!
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